The Draegan Network

An online member-based community for healthcare technology professionals - LAUNCHING SOON!

The Draegan Network

So far 2020 has had a whole lot more in store for us than anticipated. There is no doubt that it is going to be a year, if not a decade, of change.

I started out the year excited about a new vision to create something that would give me, and many others, a place to grow. A place to support the strive for accomplishment, for balance, and for a meaningful career. The concept came after thinking more about how most of us have a ‘phone-a-friend’ network. A group of personal contacts that we rely on to seek assistance, to bounce ideas off of, or simply to ‘talk shop’.

My goal is to take that concept to the next level. To have a secure space where we can learn about what colleagues and other organizations are working on. Somewhere members can share ideas, experiences, articles and templates. A place to have real conversations and to learn from our peers. Similar to what you would get from a networking event or conference, only online, and available year-round.

The Draegan Network will be an online member-based community that is available 24x7x365. It will be a space to bring our professional networks together to benefit from the larger group. I want members to easily and confidently reach out to a large group of colleagues for help working through challenges, or to get ideas on next steps. Without the distractions or limitations of our current online social networks.

With the challenges we have faced so far this year, we need a space to collaborate more than ever. Especially with the increased numbers of health IT professionals and consultants now working remote.

I will be using a platform called Mighty Networks, which is GDPR compliant and 100% ad free. The platform will be available on your desktop, as well as through iPad, iPhone, and android apps. Making it convenient to access anywhere, anytime. The Draegan Network will not be public so the only activity that will occur is by members. (There will be no outside distractions or sales pitches like we see on LinkedIn or private Facebook groups.)

Draegan Network 

With any new venture there are fears that the idea isn’t quite refined enough and worries that it may not work out ….. But, I’m just going to go for it because life’s too short to not give it your all. My plan is to get started with a beta group (who will pay a discounted membership rate) later this summer. Then once things seem ready for prime time - we will just grow from there.

"Great things in business are never done by one person." - Steve Jobs

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